Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Review: ThinkTankPhoto Modular Component Set

I recently added the ThinkTankPhoto Modular set, Steriod Speed Belt, and Pixel Racing Harness to my collection of photography equipment storage items. I am very happy with this addition.

How did I decide on this set?
A few months ago, I went on my first photography group day trip. I visited the Old Salem Village in Winston-Salem, NC. It was a fairly hot day, with temps in the 80s. We had about 6 hours of photography that day. I used a Lowepro SlingShot 350 to carry my gear with me that day. I remember seeing some of the other photographers getting ready in the parking lot that morning. They put on these harnesses, belts, and pouches. I thought they looked a bit funny. However, I soon learned the value of these items. I have been very happy with my lowepro bags and still use them. However, the tinktankphoto modular set allowed the other photographers a few large advantages.

  1. Weight distribution - Their equipment was supported evenly around their waist and supplemented by their shoulder harnesses.

  2. Access to lenses - While my slingshot bag allows me the ability to rotate the bag to gain access to my camera, lens changes still require more effort. I have to remove the bag, open it, and swap lenses. Not a large deal, but I found the other guys being able to change and take shots before I was even ready to shoot.

  3. Heat management - backpacks of any type tend to block all air. I wind up soaked by the end of the day. The Tinktank set is well vented and allows more air on your body.
So how do I like it?
I used the set this weekend to shoot my first wedding. My niece got married and asked me to shoot the wedding for her. The thinktank set performed VERY well here. I was able to carry my equipment all day without getting tired shoulders or or back pain. I was also able to quickly and easily swap lenses throughout the day. Here's what I had on me most of the day.

  • Canon 40D

  • Canon 580 EXII flash

  • Canon 70-200mm F2.8L IS (part of the day, then I parked it on a tripod at the back of the church for the ceremony shots)

  • Canon 24-105mm F4L IS

  • Canon 17-55mm F2.8 IS

  • Canon 50mm F1.4

  • Extra camera batteries, 8 extra AA batteries for the flash

  • 4 memory cards

  • Gary Fong Lightsphere and Chrome Dome Diffuser

  • Stofen Omni Bounce

  • Custom Brackets Folding T Flash Bracket

  • Wallet, Keys, Cell Phone, Fiber Plus Bars for a snack, and some gum. :)
I have to say that I am very impressed with the quality of the thinktank set. I will be buying more of their equipment as needed. The modular set allows you to securely attach your gear to the belt. However, it allows the pouches to slide around your body for easy access. If you want, you can chose to lock any or all items in place. I found that I would scoot most gear to my back while shooting and walking. I could then slide them back to my sides when I needed access. The quality and workmanship of this set is very nice too. Each component has it's own built in pockets for caps, filters, etc. They also have built in rain covers. Very impressive design.

That being said, I still use and really like my Lowepro Computrekker Plus AW for transportation. I used it to get all of my gear to the church, then loaded the thinktank modular set for walk around.

If you are thinking on buying this set, take a look at Ron Martinsen's Blog. He has some discount codes that will get you a free modular component with your order. I also used his blog to learn quite a bit about photography as I started out. He has some great newbie guides and really helpful book reviews.

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