Friday, May 29, 2009

Book Review: Scott Kelby's 7-Point System for Adobe Photoshop CS3

After trying many online resources to help me get up to speed on Photoshop CS3, I wound up at this book. I was looking for something that used real world examples. Many books on photoshop are available today. Take a look at It's a very hard process to decide on which ones to try. I read many reviews on Amazon before trying out a few. Most of them are filled with information on Photoshop, but they did not really work well for me. I wanted more of a "hands on" approach. I read a review of the 7-point system on Ron's Blog and immediately moved it to the top of my Amazon list.
The 7-point system Scott Keby teaches is just what it sounds like. 7 points of adjustment that can be done in most photos. You may or may not use all 7 in any particular photo, but you will use some.
Each chapter begins in a very similar way. Here's a photo. Here's what's wrong with it. Let's go fix it. Scott does an excellent job of walking you through Photoshop's features. As the book moves along, he does less and less hand holding. Before you know it, you are using shortcuts without thought. Popping up layer after layer. Adding masks to adjustment layers, and "painting with light." The results are amazing. I really enjoyed the fact that you can download the images from his website.
Scott is a great writer, photographer, and obviously very good with photoshop. However, he also has the ability to teach fairly complex skills to almost anyone. I considered myself a beginner with CS3 when I picked up this book. Today, I can accomplish some things that make my friends and family believe I have been working with the product for years. My post processing results have greatly improved since adding this book to my reading list.
If you are looking to get much better with your post processing work in CS3, your search is over. Buy THIS book today.

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